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Check In Michigan | word’s out. it’s time to check in.

Check In Michigan is an association of our hospitality and tourism industry, where the voices of our community come together to forge a stronger future for our hotels, attractions, and hospitality ventures.  This new name invites stakeholders of all kinds to check in on topics of importance, while presenting a public identity that supports all hospitality and tourism by encouraging  the checking in at lodging properties, the experiencing of attractions and hospitality of our communities, and the advocating for the experience of Michigan through social media channels.  CHECK IN surely takes many shapes, and we encourage them all.

Speak Up. Our members have a collective voice, and we champion the issues most important to them with legislators, media, and the public.

Explore Our Great State. A champion of all the businesses that bring people to Michigan, Check In Michigan is a credible entity that connects the public with hotels, restaurants, shopping and destination organizations.

Committed. The health of our hospitality and tourism industry relies on our association to be agile champions for our State.

Community. We are all part of a larger challenge, making Michigan the preferred destination for the greatest number of travelers. Check In Michigan convenes the partners that make this possible.

Workforce Development. The hospitality and tourism industry provides a viable career path for thousands of Michiganders. We believe connecting our members with potential employees, and strategically building the knowledge of those employees to further strengthen in the industry is part of our role.

So check in with us. Get started. Explore your membership in the entity that drives the hospitality and tourism industry in Michigan.